Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pop Polls- Baking Inventions

Silpat... heard of it? It’s only the most popular invention the baking world has come up with. Its a non-stick baking mat made of silicone and fiberglass and can be washed so it can be reused over and over again. This means... no more buying parchment paper which gets expensive if you’re like me and bake almost every week... and, less trash! Clearly an added bonus since we’re running out of landfills and gotta do our part for the environment... god I sound like I’m doing a PSA. But really, if you like to bake, I would recommend investing in a couple because they’re really awesome. We’ve all had those “oh no, I can’t get my cookies off the parchment paper without destroying them” days or “I greased this pan so many times and its STILL sticking?!”and it was super frustrating right? Well, with silpat, you never have to worry about that because they’re non-stick and you never have to grease your pans ever again. Its also really great when you’re working with extra sticky batter or making toffee... less mess and no need to do a lot of scrubbing. If you have a friend that loves to bake, these also make great gifts!

Silpat come in many different sizes...




For the most part, I would get the medium sized one because most people have baking pans that size. You want your silpat to be smaller than your pan, not bigger... floppy silpats can cause problems like deformed cookies and things sliding around. Before, it was okay for your parchment paper to be too big because you could always fold in the sides or cut it but you can’t fold or cut silpat so going a size smaller is advised. Personally, I have the large sized ones only because my mom has these ridiculously large baking pans but if you’re not sure, I’d say medium is the safest bet.

Where can you buy silpat?
Costco- comes in a pack with different sizes
Williams Sonoma
Sur La Table
Bed Bath and Beyond

I would say if you can’t get to Costco which will probably offer you the best deal, Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond will have the best prices.

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