Friday, March 18, 2011

Melange of Macronage: Part 2 (Macaron Boogaloo)

Schoggi Imported Swiss Chocolates (San Francisco) -

I really want to find somewhere with decent macarons near Union Square.  La Boulange was such a disappointment that I've refused to try it again.  Yelp helpfully informed me that, besides Swiss chocolates, Schoggi apparently also supplies macarons.  After ordering a selection of sweet macarons, we were given four savory varieties to experimentally taste.  The sweet macarons were unremarkable; better than La Boulange but worse than all the others. 

The savory macarons were disgusting, with the exception of the small green one on the upper right (olive oil). The one on the bottom right was balsamic tasted like a gritty shot of vinegar.  Not exactly faulty marketing but I'd hoped for a more complex flavor profile.  The one with black seeds was supposed to be truffle flavored.  It tasted like straight garlic.  Straight, cold, garlic.  The last macaron option (top right) was goat cheese.  I had high hopes for this one.  It was soggy.  When I wrote that note on the card for macaron feedback, the employee tried to teach me a macaron lesson about how savory macarons use less sugar so they are always soggy (false).

I was disappointed by the only-adequate sweet macarons and even more disappointed by the savory variety.  Worse yet was the fact that the Schoggi employee apparently knew very little about how to make a macaron and then attempted to knowledge-bully me into feeling bad about my opinion.  Knowledge-bullying a customer is bad enough--it's even worse when you are incorrect.

Flavors I recommend: None.  But if you have to have one, the lemon was ok.

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  1. how disappointing - I am taking my "want it" foodspotting star back.

    And I can't believe they tried guilt-trip you on your feedback card!!!